Join the Fellowship!

Hi, you are surely here with a little curiosity and skepticism but this is a natural mix of feelings when you face for the first time the Project: The Secret. I can understand that as I have lived with those feelings for more than two years now! But like every other great project, it has to start somewhere and for the Project: The Secret, it starts here.

We mainly have three objectives to achieve before launching experiments:

1) Reach the fundraising target
2) Reach the 125,000 participants target
3) Complete the website platform with a live feed broadcasting solution

We are building three distinct branches by recruiting people willing to give a little of their time to help the Project to achieve its goal, which is conducting the largest mass experiment on power of thoughts so far. Whatever the results, it will be a win and a beginning.

People with all kind of skills are welcome. If your skills are not mentioned in the form coming up, it doesn’t matter, you’ll be able to choose a group to work with. In the process, we will choose group leaders among candidates who showed up. If you want to apply as officer, then follow the link JOIN OFFICERS on the Fellowship page.

Remember, the first ones who board the bus always get the best seats!

*UPDATE: please be patient to be contacted by a recruitment officer as we are overwhelmed by your massive response for this experimental project. Thank you so much for your quick involvement.

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